Business Law

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Business Formation and Organization:

When starting a new business, it is essential that you choose the right corporate or business form.

Here at Saunders Law, PLLC, we will strive to help you make the best decisions for your business and your business’ goals. In starting a new business, the business form you choose can potentially affect all aspects of your business operation. The business form you choose to incorporate under can have a profound effect on everything from your taxation rate to your personal exposure of your business’ liabilities.

At Saunders Law, an attorney will analyze your individual business goals, both future and present, and then walk you through your various options to ensure that the business entity chosen is the best for your particularized needs. Specifically, we can help you choose, organize or incorporate any of the following business entities:

•Sole Proprietorship

•General Partnership

•Corporation:  S-Corp  / C-Corp

•Non-Profit Organization

•Limited Partnership

•Limited Liability Company

•Limited Liability Limited Partnership

•Limited Partnership Association

Business Operation:

Importantly, considering that differing interpretations of contractual language is the single largest source of contract litigation between business firms, having an attorney draft, or review, the contracts that your business enters into with other merchants or businesses can have a profound impact on your company’s exposure to future litigation.

Additionally, Saunders Law is available to provide legal counsel throughout the life of your business. Once your business is formed, we can help you make further decisions concerning the operation of your business, including corporate governance, organization, and stabilization.

A Saunders Law attorney can also counsel you about, and draft for you, the necessary legal documents that your business will need to run effectively. Our legal team can draft and implement your business’ shareholders’ agreements, employment contracts, vendor agreements, non-disclosure agreements and company policies.

Business Sale or Dissolution:

Prior to dissolving or selling your business, it is critical to develop a comprehensive exit strategy (winding-up). Our legal team can not only assist you in developing a manageable plan to resolve your current business affairs but also to protect you from any continuing liability.

Businesses may end for a variety of reasons. An attorney at Saunders Law can help you when the decision is made to either dissolve or sell your business.

Additionally, an attorney from our firm can help you protect your interests while ensuring that all state regulations and laws are complied with through the winding-up process.