Contract Law

Whether you are just preparing to draft an agreement, starting negotiations or contemplating going to court, Saunders Law is here to assist you. If you need to quickly contact a lawyer, don’t hesitate to call our firm and directly speak with a lawyer. Otherwise, feel free to fill our Attorney Contact Form and schedule a consultation with a Park City based Contract Law attorney.

Contract Formation: Drafting and Review:

While most people tend to think well of those individuals or companies with whom they are choosing to do business, sometimes those individuals and companies fail to conduct themselves in an ethical and straight-forward manner. Therefore, when entering into an agreement, you should never rely solely on a hand-shake or the other person’s word, especially not the other person’s attorney’s word. Even if you have a long standing business relationship with the party that you are doing business with, misunderstandings can happen and it is always best to have the actual agreement in writing.

Here at Saunders Law, an attorney can draft for you an unambiguous and detailed contract that accurately reflects your agreement. Additionally, our legal team will review and advise you on any contract that you are asked to sign.

Contract Interpretation

Given that differing interpretations of contractual language is the single largest source of contract litigation between business firms (Yale Law Journal), having an attorney review the language in your contract, both in terms of the actual textual content and in the context that language is being used, can be invaluable while drafting a contract or in devising a litigation strategy. Of course, in an ideal world, the parties’ intent at the time the contract was made would control the contract. However, determining the parties’ intent years after the contract was formed can be difficult; therefore, courts will usually decide the dispute based solely on the text of the contract and the context in which it was used.

Contract Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Most contract disputes can be avoided simply by initially drafting an unambiguous and detailed contract that accurately reflects the parties’ agreement. However, some contractual disputes are inevitable due to one party’s intentional breach. When confronted with a dispute over a contract provision or a party’s unwillingness to perform, an experienced attorney can guide you through the many legal options available to you or your company.

While some attorneys will attempt to steer you towards litigation due to the high legal fees associated with going to trial, the legal team at Saunders Law will analyze your particular situation, the desired remedy, and your potential legal exposure before recommending a particular course of action. Our legal staff is very knowledgeable when it comes to the various forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution. An attorney at our firm will walk you through the benefits and negatives of choosing to resolve your dispute through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.


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