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Additional Ways to Win the Felony DUI Case

In addition to challenging the State’s basis for enhancement (prior convictions), an attorney at Saunders Law can make numerous challenges to the State’s case against you.  Depending on the facts of your case, an attorney will file one or more

Professional Licenses

If you are charged with a drug and alcohol offense, such as DUI, and hold a professional license, not only are you subject to the possibility of loosing your driving privileges but also may be subject to sanctions relating to

Public School Teachers: Reporting Requirements

Utah law requires that all individuals licensed as educators (public school teachers, charter school teachers, school board members, educational administrators, etc.) through the Utah State Office of Education to self-report any arrest where the charges are drug or alcohol related

Pilots: Reporting Requirements

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates and controls all pilot licenses within the United States.  Under Federal Law, if you are convicted of any Federal or State drug offense or DUI, you must inform the FAA’s Security and Investigations Division, through the

Contract Law

Whether you are just preparing to draft an agreement, starting negotiations or contemplating going to court, Saunders Law is here to assist you. If you need to quickly contact a lawyer, don’t hesitate to call our firm and directly speak

Contract Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Most contract disputes can be avoided simply by initially drafting an unambiguous and detailed contract that accurately reflects the parties’ agreement. However, some contractual disputes are inevitable due to one party’s intentional breach. When confronted with a dispute over a

Contract Interpretation

Given that differing interpretations of contractual language is the single largest source of contract litigation between business firms (Yale Law Journal), having an attorney review the language in your contract, both in terms of the actual textual content and in

Contract Formation: Drafting and Review

While most people tend to think well of those individuals or companies with whom they are choosing to do business, sometimes those individuals and companies fail to conduct themselves in an ethical and straight-forward manner. Therefore, when entering into an

Business Sale or Dissolution

Prior to dissolving or selling your business, it is critical to develop a comprehensive exit strategy (winding-up). Our legal team can not only assist you in developing a manageable plan to resolve your current business affairs but also to protect

Business Operation

Importantly, considering that differing interpretations of contractual language is the single largest source of contract litigation between business firms, having an attorney draft, or review, the contracts that your business enters into with other merchants or businesses can have a