Public School Teachers: Reporting Requirements

Utah law requires that all individuals licensed as educators (public school teachers, charter school teachers, school board members, educational administrators, etc.) through the Utah State Office of Education to self-report any arrest where the charges are drug or alcohol related within 48 hours of the arrest to the educator’s district superintendent or charter school director (See Rule 277-516-3 of the Utah Admin. Code).

In other words, if you are a public school teacher and are arrested for DUI on a Friday night, then you must self-report that arrest on Monday. The period to self-report an arrest for a drug or alcohol offense is incredibly short and often does not provide you with enough time to consult a lawyer or your Utah Education Association (UEA) representative.  Therefore, it is imperative that contact both a lawyer and your UEA representative immediately after a DUI arrest.

Once reported to the superintendent, the educator’s employer must review the school district’s policy and make a decision on whether the educator can continue to work.  Therefore, until your employer makes a determination of whether the school district’s policy mandates your suspension or termination, you should continue to report for work.

Additionally, once you have reported the arrest to your district superintendent, the superintendent must report your arrest to the Utah State Office of Education within 48 hours.